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The scaffolding is gone!

 The scaffolding system that was used to install the balcony has been dismantled and taken away!


Last week the copper coils for the new induction loop assisted listening system for patrons with T-coil hearing aids was installed; the coils are covered by those white strips in the photo above. Now that the risers are clear, carpet will go down shortly, and following that the new seating can go in!

The removal of the scaffold has also meant that the temporary railings for the new in-theater staircase have been removed and we’re anxiously awaiting the permanent fixtures!



Ceilings are up!

The sprinkler systems have passed final inspection and the crew is now putting up the actual ceilings upstairs! The photo below shows the West side of our new rehearsal and gallery space that faces out onto 22nd Street! We’re looking forward to hosting many a party in this room!


We have the power

Con Ed has all the electricity set up and the meter won’t be at zero for long!meter

Upstairs Bathroom

Here’s a first look at one of the most exciting features of the renovated theater- a third bathroom! This one is upstairs and will eliminate the need for patrons seated in the balcony to go downstairs during intermission.