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The Plan

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1 Rehearsal Studio

The rehearsal studio on the second floor will be home to our creative process, such as rehearsals, readings, and other events. We also plan to host humanities programming, including artist talks, art exhibitions, and expanded education offerings for student audiences in the space.

2 Balcony

The auditorium’s side seating section will be removed in the renovation and shifted to a balcony on the second floor, offering a straight-on view of the action on the stage, and making space for new and expanded restrooms.

3 Lighting Grid

A new state-of-the-art lighting grid will be installed, with energy-efficient LED lighting instruments.

4 Office

The administrative offices will be updated to accommodate the theatre’s full-time staff onsite, featuring an open office design to encourage collaboration and creative dialogue.

5 Orchestra

The redesign of the existing seating area will offer better views of the stage and increased access for patrons with limited mobility, including one row of removable chairs to allow for more flexible wheelchair seating.

6 Interior stairs

The new stairwell creates a single entrance to the theatre, allowing for direct egress from both levels.

7 Stage

The wider stage space will allow for larger-scale productions and will also feature at least two motorized tracks for ease of scenery movement both on and offstage, and a new turntable.

8 Basement renovations

Additional upgrades include renovations to the 54-seat W. Scott McLucas Studio Theatre, the performers’ dressing rooms, and the technicians’ workshop. Seating in the Studio Theatre will be converted to flexible seating on risers to allow for a convertible use of the space, which will better serve experimental workshop productions. Improvements to the dressing rooms and the workshop will provide improved amenities for performers and work spaces.